With a wide variety of services to cover all of your needs, let us take the burden off of your shoulders.


Emergency Service


Same day scheduling makes service fast and easy.  P3Power will make every effort to provide you with same day service. But, as with any business, contract customers will receive priority and all others will be best effort. Contract customers ALWAYS receive same day service and technical support is available 24/7.

Preventative Maintenance


A comprehensive inspection and test of your equipment will prolong its useful life and alert you to any situations that may cause trouble down the line. Let us restore your confidence in a questionable system by thoroughly testing your equipment and keeping you informed of any issues that need to be addressed before its too late.


24/7 Technical Support


Don't waste valuable time reading service manuals only to end up frustrated.
Most of the time, we can  troubleshoot over the phone and get your equipment back up and running. With a comprehensive collection of service manuals and a detailed operation index for nearly every UPS manufactured, P3Power can help you save precious minutes and get your systems back on line until a service technician can reach your site.

Maintenance Contracts


Put down the tools and save your valuable time. P3Power will take care of all your maintenance and repair needs with a full-coverage contract. All of our customers are important to us and all receive the same high level of service they deserve. All contracts include 24/7 support and maintenance. All parts, labor, travel, and expenses are included except for standard consumables that are outside of manufacturers suggested service life. Don't find out too late that your "coverage" is incomplete.